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International Study Group for Systems Biology, 2018

The 18th ISGSB meeting is being planned for Tromsø/Norway in 2018. The meeting will be preceded by the Young ISGSB meeting, providing an introductory workshop for PhD students. The tentative date for the meeting is end of September in 2018. The meeting web site is being built at


Metabolic Pathways Analysis 2017

C1Net Metabolic Modelling Workshop 3: Introduction to Structural Metabolic Modelling

International Study Group for Systems Biology, 2016

Workshop: Metabolic Modelling and its Applications

Metabolic Modelling Workshop, Pune, 2016.

C1Net Metabolic Modelling Workshop 2: Introduction to Kinetic Modelling

Metabolic Pathway Analysis, 2015

C1Net Metabolic Modelling Workshop

ISGSB 2014


AccliPhot Workshop 2

Advanced Lecture Course in Systems Biology 2014: Maths precourse

Delhi Workshop 2013

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, 7-10 October

Metabolic Pathway Analysis 16-20 September 2013, Oxford

AccliPhot Workshop 1, September 2013, Oxford

MoSyB 2013: Modeling in systems biology and synthetic biology, Jelgava, 9-22 June 2013

This was an Erasmus Intensive Programme. The main meeting pages were here.

The course materials for the practical exercises on 10-11 June are on this site.

Kolkata Meeting 2013

A meeting funded by the BBSRC as part of their India Partnering Awards scheme, and the University of Calcutta.

Details here

Delhi Workshop 2012

A workshop generously funded by the BBSRC as part of their India Partnering Awards scheme.

Details here

ISGSB 2012


Metabolic Pathway Analysis 3

A Biochemical Society Harden Conference (No. 71).

19-23 September 2011; Chester, UK.

Further details

14th [ ISGSB] Workshop

Vladimir (near Moscow), Russia, 6-10 September 2010.

Details are here

(For historical reasons, you might be searching for BioThermoKinetics or BTK 2010; well, this is it.)

Systems Biochemistry -- Biochemical Society, UK

logo York, 22-24th March 2010.

Three linked, focused meetings:

If you missed it, details are still available here.

International Conference on Plant Systems Biology

University of Calcutta, 8 December 2009

Initial meeting of the BBSRC-funded India Partnering Awards project on rice. Here is the programme.

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