Current and Future

International Study Group for Systems Biology, 2018

Portugal PhD Programme Systems Biology Module


C1Net Metabolic Modelling Workshop 4: Introduction to Structural Metabolic Modelling

Metabolic Pathways Analysis 2017

C1Net Metabolic Modelling Workshop 3: Introduction to Structural Metabolic Modelling

International Study Group for Systems Biology, 2016

Workshop: Metabolic Modelling and its Applications

Metabolic Modelling Workshop, Pune, 2016.

C1Net Metabolic Modelling Workshop 2: Introduction to Kinetic Modelling

Metabolic Pathway Analysis, 2015

C1Net Metabolic Modelling Workshop

ISGSB 2014


AccliPhot Workshop 2

Advanced Lecture Course in Systems Biology 2014: Maths precourse

Delhi Workshop 2013

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, 7-10 October

Metabolic Pathway Analysis 16-20 September 2013, Oxford

AccliPhot Workshop 1, September 2013, Oxford

MoSyB 2013: Modeling in systems biology and synthetic biology, Jelgava, 9-22 June 2013

This was an Erasmus Intensive Programme. The main meeting pages were here.

The course materials for the practical exercises on 10-11 June are on this site.

Kolkata Meeting 2013

A meeting funded by the BBSRC as part of their India Partnering Awards scheme, and the University of Calcutta.

Details here

Delhi Workshop 2012

A workshop generously funded by the BBSRC as part of their India Partnering Awards scheme.

Details here

ISGSB 2012


Metabolic Pathway Analysis 3

A Biochemical Society Harden Conference (No. 71).

19-23 September 2011; Chester, UK.

Further details

14th [ ISGSB] Workshop

Vladimir (near Moscow), Russia, 6-10 September 2010.

Details are here

(For historical reasons, you might be searching for BioThermoKinetics or BTK 2010; well, this is it.)

Systems Biochemistry -- Biochemical Society, UK

logo York, 22-24th March 2010.

Three linked, focused meetings:

If you missed it, details are still available here.

International Conference on Plant Systems Biology

University of Calcutta, 8 December 2009

Initial meeting of the BBSRC-funded India Partnering Awards project on rice. Here is the programme.

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