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Metabolic Pathway Analysis 2019

Understanding the Control of Metabolism

Latest papers:

  1. Rupert O. J. Norman, Thomas Millat, Sarah Schatschneider, Anne M. Henstra, Ronja Breitkopf, Bart Pander, Florence J. Annan, Pawel Piatek, Hassan B. Hartman, Mark G. Poolman, David A.Fell, Klaus Winzer, Nigel P. Minton and Charlie Hodgman. A genome-scale model of Clostridium autoethanogenum reveals optimal bioprocess conditions for .high-value chemical production from carbon monoxide. Engineering Biology, (2019). Open Access https://doi.org/10.1049/enb.2018.5003

  2. Huma, Benazir; Kundu, Sudip; Poolman, Mark; Kruger, Nicholas; Fell, David. Stoichiometric analysis of the energetics and metabolic impact of photorespiration in C3 plants. The Plant Journal, 96, 1228-1241 (2018) DOI

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