Understanding the Control of Metabolism

David Fell

Originally published by Portland Press, 1997

My book is now no longer in print. However, there is still a residual demand for it as there have been no other attempts to write an introductory book describing the theory and applications of Metabolic Control Analysis and how it came to supplant the flawed concept of the 'rate-limiting step' as a principle of metabolic control. For that reason, I am now making it available from this site as an author's PDF. The appearance (fonts and so on) and pagination are not identical to the printed edition, and the PDF lacks a few of the moinor corrections that were made in the second edition. However, the contents, cross-references and index have been recompiled so that they should be correct for the electronic version.

Please do not make this file available on other web servers - use a link to this page if you want to direct others to the book.

David Fell, June 2017.

Understanding the Control of Metabolism

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