C1Net Workshop on Metabolic Modelling

28 September - 2 October 2015, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford


Redirecting an organism’s metabolism towards novel products raises a number of design issues. The first of these is assessing whether the new pathway can be made compatible with the structure of the organisms's metabolic network. This is the domain of structural metabolic modelling that was the subject of C1net Workshop 1. However, structural modelling takes little account of the kinetics of enzymes and the concentrations of metabolites, and therefore is unable to answer questions such as how much enzyme activity needs to be expressed to achieve the required rate of formation of products, and which particular enzymes might be limiting the productivity and need to be up-regulated. For this it is necessary to have an understanding of the kinetic behaviour of metabolic networks and an ability to model their kinetic properties. This combined theoretical and practical course will explain the theory of kinetic modelling and related concepts such as Metabolic Control Analysis, with particular emphasis on examples drawn from microbial metabolism. It will be presented by David Fell and his colleagues in the Cell Systems Modelling Group. Though this course complements the material presented in Workshop 1, attendance at that is not a pre-requisite.

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